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Easy.  Don't drill.  To affix a sensor to a piling, make a pre-assembled
mount for the sensor and strap it to the piling with metal cable or
band. That way you can remove the sensor, still leaving the mount in
place. Make sure you let the harbor master know what you are doing, and
place an easily readible contact number on both the sensor and the
mount. The all-brass combination locks work well for security.

If you insist on using a drill, I would recommend using an inexpensive
one from an auto-body shop.  Make sure you match the regulator setting
to the pressure requirement of the gun. When you are done, just toss the
gun away as it will quickly rust and become unreliable / unsafe.


Bob Bourke
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I have to drill some holes in pilings for large bolts that will be used
to mount water quality sensors. I would like to avoid having to drill
them with a hand drill. I know that you can use a pneumatic drill hooked
up to a scuba tank. I was wondering if anyone had details on a setup
they use and any modifications that are needed to the drill.


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