[Coral-List] Underwater Drill

Hajime Kayanne kayanne at eps.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Wed Feb 14 18:19:55 EST 2007

Dear A.J.

If you still want to drill underwater by using a hand-pneumatic drill,
You may refer to:
Adachi and Abe (2003) "Air drill" for submerged massive coral 
drilling. Mar. Tech. Soc. J., 37(2) 31-36.

Best wishes,

At 1:25 PM +0000 07.2.14, aj.martignette at comcast.net wrote:
>I have to drill some holes in pilings for large bolts that will be 
>used to mount water quality sensors. I would like to avoid having to 
>drill them with a hand drill. I know that you can use a pneumatic 
>drill hooked up to a scuba tank. I was wondering if anyone had 
>details on a setup they use and any modifications that are needed to 
>the drill.
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