[Coral-List] Hooray for Harold Hudson !

Multer multerg at infoblvd.net
Thu Feb 15 13:20:25 EST 2007

It was in l959 that I first met Harold Hudson and was very impressed 
with his careful and correct interpretations of banding in corals while 
working under Ginsburg at the Shell Lab in Coral Gables. I have often 
wondered if those constant intoxicating fibreglass fumes that filled the 
lab had anything to do with Hudsons and Shinns ablity to imagine, 
create and successfully conduct early carbonate research in the Florida 

Hudsons paper (with Shinn, Halley and Lidz) on Sclerochronology in 
GEOLOGY l976 followed by many others including co-authoring the l978 
SCIENCE paper (with Emiliani, Shinn and George) on oxygen and carbon 
isotopic growth records in corals are examples of recognized classics. 
In addition for decades, as so well described by McManus (2/8/07 Email), 
"his quiet contributions to coral reef science and restoration have had 
a major impact around the world." This includes his well-known 
underwater drill techniques and monitoring probes.

Lesser known talents of Harold include old bottle collecting and 
exceptional treehouse construction skills.

An honorary doctorate for Harold has been long in coming but is very 
well deserved. We look forward to his continued contributions.


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