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maria posse totipark54 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 10:17:21 EST 2007

dear Coral Listers,

I am directing a documentary about the relatonships between the ecosystems
and the people (natives) who inhabit the island of Isla Grande in the
Rosario Corals National Park (Rosario Islands) in Colombia (40 kms. off the
coast of Cartagena).
The documentary is the product of a research project Im directing since 2006
with the Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar and we are astonished of how
lucky we have been: we documented on video the coral spawning of Montrastrea
Annularis and Faveolata on september...we also have started eco-snorkeling
workshops with locals, environmental education...  but we are just starting.

We are producing this doc for a local tv network (TELECARIBE) and the idea
is to educate the audience, THE LOCALS, inform and entertain, while we aware
of the importance of taking care of the corals and the marine an dsubmarine
ecosystems. We are working with very low tech and this is good and bad.
Good, because the costs of production are very low but bad, because we are
short of technology: our underwater housing (Sony for PC - series
camcorders-mini DV) is not working 100%, the controls are damaged). We
cannot afford to rent very sophisticated equipment, nevertheless we are
managing to obtain good results.
Because I lived in the US (1999-2001) and I know that old technology is
sometimes "thrown away", Im wondering if perhaps any of you know of any
HOUSING or underwater equipment you wish to donate to our project, to the

Please contact me for further information about the project and the doc.
This project is ongoing and will be for the next years...

Maria Posse
Universidad Tecnologica de Bolivar
Cartagena de Indias
Colombia (S.A)

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