[Coral-List] light wave lenght for algae and corals

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There are two peaks of phytosynethetic activity starting at 400 nm peaking 
at 450 and droping off after 475  the next range starts at 650 peaks at 675 
and drops off after 700

Coral zooanthellae use both wavelengths but deeper corals favor the 400-475 
range so you might be best to try filtering out 650-700.

That all said, better water quality and the approriate stocking of 
herbavores is the best approach to algae control in aquarium settings.


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Dear All,

I am working in aquarium and I am wondering if there are information about
the different optimal light wave length for algae and for coral growth? We
are working with natural light and we would try to limit the growth of algae
in the aquarium without compromise the growth of the corals that are
present, applying a filtering layer on the "windows".

By advance thank you


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