[Coral-List] Only two coral reefs in the world that have formed on the western side of continents?

Joshua Feingold joshua at nova.edu
Tue Feb 27 08:07:01 EST 2007

Hi John,

In general, the western side of continents (east ocean basins), have poor 
coral development due to eastern boundary currents that pump cool water to 
low latitudes. However, there are numerous poorly developed reefs along the 
western side of Central America in Panama and Costa Rica. Central America 
may not qualify as part of a continent, but there are also reefs on the 
west coast of South America in Ecuador. Peter Glynn has published 
extensively on coral communities and coral reefs in this region.


Joshua Feingold

At 05:28 PM 2/26/2007 +0000, John P Carlin wrote:
>Just a quick question. I have just read several books which refer to the
>Ningaloo reef, Australia as one of the only two coral reefs which have
>formed on the western side of a continent. Could anyone tell me which is the
>other, as none of the books say which the second is.
>Thank you,
>John Carlin
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