[Coral-List] New Marine Algae ID Book

Brad Baldwin bbaldwin at stlawu.edu
Tue Feb 27 18:19:49 EST 2007

Thanks Charles. I hope to get time to dive reefs out your way!

C-listers -- What are the best guides for Caribbean algae?  I like 
Littler et al. but perhaps there are others to consider??
THanks, Brad

Charles Delbeek wrote:

>There is a new algae ID book for marine algae and plants in Hawaii, 
>but would be of use to anyone working within the tropical Pacific area.
>Huisman, J.M., Abbott, I.A. and C.M. Smith. 2007. Hawaiian Reef 
>Plants. University of Hawaii Sea Grant College Program.
>Report No. UNIHI-SEAGRANT-BA-03-02
>ISBN 1-929054-04-1
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