[Coral-List] Hoping to increase my knowledge base...

Patti Nicoll pnicoll at smhall.org
Wed Feb 28 13:10:33 EST 2007

Hello all,

I will be traveling to London, Deal, Holland, Rome, Barcelona, and
possibly Paris area this summer. It is mostly a trip to visit family and
have some fun, but my husband and I are both teachers and we are both
trying to expand our knowledge. I would like to learn more about the
marine ecology of the areas I'm visiting (his interest is in the
classics with a focus on Roman history and culture). I am also
interested in historically significant science sites. My degree is in
biology and I have a great deal of marine biology experience and I am
also scuba certified. If anyone has any recommended areas (universities,
museums, aquariums, places to dive, etc.) that I might be able to visit
during my visit, I would appreciate it. Also if anyone is in need of
some volunteer help for a couple of days, I would be willing to offer it
(it would be during the month of June). I am familiar with most aspects
of marine data collection and have extensive marine mammal experience.
Thanks for your time and any suggestions.

Patti Nicoll

Saint Mary's Hall 

9401 Starcrest Drive

San Antonio, TX 78217

pnicoll at smhall.org


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