[Coral-List] Ocean Surface Drifter ArcGIS issue

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Dear Frank,
I display data in the same region. For me it works setting the data frame 
projection to one of the projected systems (e.g. world cylindrical equal 
area) and then setting the central_meridian parameter to 180 in the "modify" 
You might want to choose the projection that better suits your needs 
depending on the extent of the area and the type of calculations you wish to 
Here how to do it keeping it in geographic coordinate:
Hope this helps.

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>I am having trouble displaying ocean surface drifter tracks in the South
> Pacific with ArcGIS 9.1.  My positions are between 140E and 155W (WGS84) 
> and
> 8-35 S.  I cannot make a continuous map because I cant seem to get rid of
> the Atlantic centered map view.  Tried changing the central meridian to 
> 180
> and reprojecting the files with a 180 meridian, but no luck.
> I was able to create continuous tracks by converting all positive longs to
> negative, but then I get an unusable shapefile becuase of an inconsistent
> extent error.
> Has anyone had similar problems?  Any help would be appreciated.
> -Frank Mancini
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