[Coral-List] Morays eating crabs

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Dear Michelle,
    Which species of moray is it?  The crab eating zebra moray of the Pacific, Gymnomuraena zebra, is known for its molar-like dentition, vice other morays' more canine-like dental work.  I've seen G. zebra diving in the Hawaiian Islands and in the Ryukyu Islands between Taiwan and mainland Japan.  

    While I haven't seen G. zebra 'on the beach', I have photographed it in shallow coral tidepools, under bright sunlight on Okinawa.  If you send me your photo, I'll send you my slide of the zebra moray in a daytime tidepool, where I presumed it was foraging, vice merely being trapped by low tide.

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  Dear All,

  A colleague of mine wants to know if moray eels leaving shallow waters to prey on unsuspecting crabs on the beach is a behaviour anyone else has come across? He has a photo but unfortunately I can't attach it for the list to see, I'll happily forward it on to anyone if they want it.

  Please could you email me if you have heard of / seen this behaviour before. Many thanks, 

  Season's greetings!

  Michelle Taylor
  Imperial College London


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