[Coral-List] Subsidized Memberships in ISRS

Tim McClanahan tmcclanahan at wcs.org
Mon Jan 8 04:20:09 EST 2007

Subsidized Memberships in ISRS
Deadline: March 1, 2007
Each year, ISRS offers subsidized subscriptions to the Society. Prospective
members with legitimate needs are invited to request financial assistance
with membership fees. Each applicant should write a letter of 800 words
maximum (no supporting documentation required) that identifies her/his
parent institution, describes the nature of her/his work, states the type of
membership requested, and explains her/his case for requesting financial
assistance. The letter should be addressed to Dr. Richard Aronson, President
of the Society, and sent to Isabelle Côté, ISRS Corresponding Secretary,
Email imcote at sfu.ca. The deadline is 1 March 2007.
Successful applicants will be required to make some contribution to their
subscription since assistance given by ISRS will be no more than half the
individual, student or family membership. Normally up to three awards will
be made in any calendar year, although the actual number of awards allocated
will be at the discretion of a subcommittee of the ISRS Council. Successful
applicants will also be required to submit a 500-word, popular-style article
to Reef Encounter, detailing their work and mentioning the beneficial
effects of the subsidy.

Tim McClanahan, PhD
Vice President, ISRS


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