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Tue Jan 9 15:46:04 EST 2007

The United Nations University - International Network on Water, 
Environment and Health, the Canada-based unit of UNU,  announces five 
vacant research positions for a coastal research and development project 
in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

With a multi-disciplinary team led by Peter F. Sale, and including Ken G 
Drouillard, Univ of Windsor, Charles G Trick, Univ of Western Ontario, and 
Bjorn Kjerfve, Texas A&M University, UNU-INWEH is commencing a substantial 
research and development project in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) 
in conjunction with major land reclamation projects there.  This project 
will involve the establishment of an environmental management program, 
including a sophisticated environmental monitoring program, and specific 
targeted research to determine the ecological behavior of the new marine 
systems being created due to the reclamation efforts.  The overall goal is 
to build a proactive management program based on scientifically sound 
models of ecological performance, which will make it possible to 
anticipate patterns of change and ensure maintenance of a sound ecological 
system with good water quality and resilient ecological communities.  In 
addition, the project includes an educational component for environmental 
managers in the region and more broadly, in the form of training workshops 
and an international conference program.

This four-five year project requires an on-site team of several 
individuals with particular skills and experience.  We are currently 
seeking three Research Associates in marine science, holding Ph.D. in 
marine ecology, biological oceanography, physical oceanography, ecosystem 
modeling, nutrient dynamics or similar fields, and interested in 
participating as members of a research team tackling real problems, while 
training others in aspects of environmental management.  Publication of 
research results in the peer-reviewed literature is an expected activity 
for all participants.  We are also seeking two Research Technicians with 
marine science training, and extensive and varied research experience, 
including SCUBA and small boat field experience, deployment, management 
and use of field monitoring instrumentation, and laboratory skills in 
biological and/or environmental science, and data management and 
For more information go to: http://www.inweh.unu.edu/inweh/Vacancies.htm

The closing date for applications for all positions is January 15, 2007.

Please do not send applications to me to the contact information given in 
the Vacancy announcements.   Thank you. 

Peter F. Sale
International Network on Water, Environment and Health
United Nations University
Biological Sciences
University of Windsor

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