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Reply to Michel Claereboudt:
Almost twenty years ago an excellent and respected Octocoral taxonomist,
Dr. J. Verseveldt, requested Tubipora specimens collected from
throughout their range.  I sent him some different specimens from
Micronesia that seemed to represent more than a single species.  I
believe he planned to revise the genus.  Unfortunately, he passed away
before he finished his Tubipora studies, I believe.  He was associated
with the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands and perhaps his associates there
have his specimens and draft work on Tubipora.
Mike Gawel

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While surveying coral communities in southern Oman (northern Arabian  
Sea), I found several specimen of what appears to be a white Tubipora.
The general appearance of the colony is similar to that of Tubipora  
musica with similar polyps and skeleton but :
1- the skeleton is white with no hint of the typical dark red color   
of T. musica
2- the skeleton is more fragile ( as far as I remember when  
collecting T. musica in PNG).

The polyps definitively likely zooxanthellae (brown coloration when  
preserved in alcohol).

Has anyone any info on this animal ?

Michel Claereboudt
Sultan Qaboos University
Dept. Marine Science and Fisheries
College Agricultural and Marine Sciences, Box 34
Al-Khod 123
Sultanate of Oman

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