[Coral-List] ID of possible coral parasite?

Keven Reed reedkc at comcast.net
Thu Jan 18 08:01:04 EST 2007

My first wild guess (impression) is a marine gastrotrich:  ciliated, appropriate size range, ten pin body shape, hermaphroditic, adhesive mechanism for substrate.

Marine gastrotrichs will eat bacteria, diatoms, & small protozoa (dead or alive).

PS:  I am NOT a gastrotrich molecular taxonomist.

Keven Reed, O.D.
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  Some tiny, sac-like organisms were observed in damaged tissue of a massive 
  caribbean coral.  They are approximately 250 microns long and have a 
  tube-like opening at one end.  I do not recognize these organisms and would 
  appreciate help with identification or suggestions about reference material 
  to consult.

  Two JPEG photos of the organisms can be observed at the following web 

  Thank you,

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