[Coral-List] What species of scleratinia have the broadest geographic distribution around the world?

hreyes hreyes at uabcs.mx
Fri Jan 19 15:56:10 EST 2007

Well, in a small paper on coral cosmopolitanism that we are preparing, we 
suggest that there are only four species that can be considered as truly 
"cosmopolitan": Lophelia pertusa, Desmophyllum dianthus, Enallopsammia 
rostrata and Madrepora oculata (all deep-water). They appear everywhere; in 
all oceans, and from the tropics to Antarctica and the northern Pacific. Also, 
Cairns et al. in their 1999 Atoll Res Bull review show that these corals occur 
in the six world regions depicted. However, in our paper in progress we found 
out that using the biogeographical information of the species "as is", then 
zooxanthellate corals are in average more widely distributed than 
azooxanthellate ones. The latter have much more short-range endemics. Saludos!

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