[Coral-List] Inquiry: Remote sensing detection of zooxanthallae

Eric Hochberg hochberg at hawaii.edu
Fri Jan 19 17:27:25 EST 2007


To quantify zooxanthellae density based on reflectance measurements, 
probably yes, but there is no model for that yet (that I'm aware of).

To distinguish between zooxanthellae strains, doubtful.  They all have 
the same pigments.  There would have to be predictable (and measurable) 
differences in the relative pigment concentrations between strains.

These answers are for in situ measurements.  The remote sensing answer 
is theoretically yes, but operationally no (at the current time).

Eric Hochberg

Andrew Lewin wrote:
> Greetings Coral-listers,
> In general terms, would it be possible to detect, via reflectance, 
> zooxanthallae on a coral reef?  Additionally, would it be possible to 
> identify distinct zooxanthallae species via different reflantance 
> properties?
> Thank you for your time,
> Andrew Lewin, M.Sc.
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