[Coral-List] coral sedimentation thresholds for dredge induced sedimentation

Vanese Flood vanesef at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 24 13:34:22 EST 2007

Dear Andrew,

I would look at Hubbard and Pocock, 1972 for a start.
There are so many articles that it would be difficult
to list them all here.

One thing about dredging -- it can reduce sediment
grain size to fineness smaller than that normally
produced by the wave/energy regime of a particular
reef ecosystem. This reduced grain size results in
particles that are more easily suspended -- if, in
addition, flow rates are reduced by the dredging, you
many end up with a silty mess.


--- Andrew_Jamieson at URSCorp.com wrote:

> Dear Coral Listers
> I am trying to track down any  research undertaken
> into tropical coral 
> sedimentation thresholds for dredge induced
> sedimentation - can anyone 
> direct me in the right direction ?
> Many thanks
> Andrew Jamieson
> Senior Environmental Scientist
> andrew_jamieson at urscorp.com
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