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Wed Jan 24 22:01:57 EST 2007

   Dr.  Rita  Colwell,  the  immediate past Director of the U.S. National
   Science  Foundation will present the keynote address to open the 50^th
   Anniversary  Meeting  of the Association of Marine Laboratories of the
   Caribbean,  scheduled  for  June  4-8,  2007  at the University of the
   Virgin Islands in St. Thomas.

   Dr.  Colwell  was  appointed  as  the  11^th  Director  of  the NSF by
   President  Bill  Clinton,  serving  from  1998 to 2004.  She currently
   serves as Distinguished University Professor both at the University of
   Maryland and at Johns Hopkins, as well as serving as Chairman of Canon
   US  Life  Sciences,  Inc.  Dr. Colwell is an internationally respected
   scientist  and  educator, who has authored or co-authored 16 books and
   more  than 700 scientific publications, and somehow found time to also
   produce the award-winning film: Invisible Seas.

   A  second  featured  speaker  at  the  2007  meeting will be Dr. Craig
   Venter,  one  of  the  world???s leading scientists and among the most
   frequently  cited  in  scientific  publications.   In 1998, Dr. Venter
   founded  Celera Genomics to sequence the human genome.  The successful
   completion   of  this  research  culminated  with  the  February  2001
   publication  of  the  human genome in Science.  He is now working on a
   broad  program to define microbial genomes, including many from marine

   The  Meeting Announcement and Call for Papers may be found at the AMLC
   website: [1]http://www.amlc-carib.org  which contains a bolded link to
   the announcement.

   All   institutions  and  individuals  with  professional  interest  in
   Caribbean  marine  science,  marine  resource  management,  and marine
   education   are   encouraged   to   attend.    We  will  welcome  your
   participation in our 50^th Anniversary Meeting.

   We hope to see you there!

   Steve LeGore

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   1. http://www.amlc-carib.org/

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