[Coral-List] Honours Project

Laura Robinson laura_jr at hotmail.co.uk
Wed Jul 4 13:41:06 EDT 2007


I have just completed the second year of my degree in Zoology, as part of 
the final year i am required to carry out an individual research project on 
a relevant topic.
I would like to look at the effects of sedimentation on corals. I am going 
travelling in South America this summer and I am hoping to carry out the 
research whilst there.
I am hoping to look at the reefs of the coast of venezuela, using Margarita 
Island as a base, but dont know much about the local area/ conditions or 
where I could possibly borrow equipment needed.

Any information or relevant exsisting papers would be greatly appreciated,

Thank-you for your time,

Laura Robinson

Liverpool John Moores University (England)

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