[Coral-List] NEW Conservation program and associated website

Victor Bonito staghorncoral at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 5 18:55:29 EDT 2007

Dear Coral List,

Reef Explorer Fiji would like to announce the launch
of our Eco-Corps program and the associated
Expeditions and Internship opportunities. 

Reef Explorer Fiji’s mission is to conserve Fiji’s
natural and cultural resources through research,
education, and by assisting with the development of
sustainable livelihood opportunities in local
communities.  We are involved in a broad range of
collaborative research and development activities that
provide information, training, and other resources to
assist local communities in developing and
implementing effective resource management plans.

Our Eco-Corps program allows international volunteers
to participate in and support community-based
conservation efforts in Fiji.   For more information,
please see our new web site at

Thank you,

Victor Bonito
Director, Reef Explorer Fiji

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