[Coral-List] Need extra help? Qualified coral laboratory and field assistant on scholarship seeking projects

Brenna Mahoney brennamahoney at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 15:05:11 EDT 2007

Dear Coral-list members,

> Hello! I am a new member on Coral-list. I would like to send out this
> email asking any graduate students, researchers, or other members on this
> list if they are in need of a field or laboratory research assistant. I am
> currently on a year-long scholarship that helps me participate in a variety
> of projects, travels, and training.
> I have BS in Biology from Cornell University and have substantial lab and
> field research experience through Cornell, Woods Hole Oceanographic
> Institute (WHOI), and Friday Harbor Laboratories (CV provided on request). I
> have participated in coral disease surveys in Mexico and would be eager to
> help out on similar projects.
> I am an AAUS Scientific Diver (through U. Washington) and am currently
> working on my PADI Divemaster. I also am nitrox and EFR certified.
> My scholarship provides funds for travel in and outside the US but
> accommodation and other expenses would have to be discussed. I would also be
> happy to tell you more about myself and my interests.
> Please feel free to contact me at any time at brennamahoney at gmail.com if
> you think I may be an asset to your work!
> My schedule is flexible from now till next April when my scholarship ends!
> I look forward to hearing from the list,
> Brenna Mahoney
> brennamahoney at gmail.com

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