[Coral-List] Looking for ideas

Bryce Groark bryce at livingoceanproductions.com
Thu Jul 12 01:19:03 EDT 2007

Aloha - I am looking for possible show ideas for an upcoming series we
are doing for public television.  The first season consists of 13
shows in 13 different tropical areas.  The show is based on marine

Things we are looking for:
1.  Coral disease outbreaks/bleaching events
2.  Success stories of marine preserves
3.  Failed stories of marine preserves/controversial marine preserves
4.  Environmental monitoring sites
5.  Coral Spawning
6.  Any interesting/controversial ecology issues
7.  Dynamite fishing

Basically, anything compelling going on in your areas that the general
public should know about - from mangroves and muck areas to deep water
reefs.  We are looking for both positive and negative impacts from the
communities and your research.

The areas we are interested in include:
1.  Tahiti
2.  Fiji
3.  Papua New Guinea
4.  Micronesia
5.  Philippines
6.  Indonesia
7.  Dominica
8.  Bonaire
9.  Belize
10.NE Australia/Coral Sea

Please email any information to bryce at livingoceanproductions.com.
Thank you all in advance for any help/insight you might provide.


Bryce Groark
Living Ocean Productions

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