[Coral-List] CALL FOR INPUT (DUE 7/19): NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program (CRCP)

Roger B. Griffis Roger.B.Griffis at noaa.gov
Fri Jul 13 14:24:46 EDT 2007

REMINDER - Call for input on the NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program (CRCP)

Comment period closes 7/19
Thank you for all responses.
Please distribute this request to interested contacts.

> Dear colleagues:
> To evaluate and improve the success of its efforts to understand and 
> conserve coral reefs, NOAA's Coral Reef Conservation Program 
> <http://www.coralreef.noaa.gov/> 
> (CRCP)(http://www.coralreef.noaa.gov/) is undertaking a comprehensive 
> external review of the Program. The purpose of the review is to:
>    * Evaluate the success of the CRCP in meeting the purposes of the
>      Coral Reef Conservation Act of 2000 (Section 202) and the National
>      Coral Reef Action Strategy during the period 2002-2006
>    * Provide recommendations that the CRCP may use to improve the Program
> The review will take place in September 2007 and will be conducted by 
> a seven-member Blue Ribbon Panel of experts in natural resource 
> science and management.
> *
> Federal Register Notice *
> As part of this review, the CRCP is looking for input from 
> stakeholders and partners via a Federal Register Notice 
> (http://www.coralreef.noaa.gov/Library/Publications/review_frn.pdf)// 
> <http://www.coralreef.noaa.gov/Library/Publications/review_frn.pdf>. 
> An independent contractor will summarize all comments received in 
> response to this request and will provide them to the review panel.
> The CRCP is most interested in obtaining feedback based on the 
> public’s interaction and experience with the Program. Background 
> information concerning the CRCP and its activities is available on the 
> CRCP's website (http://www.coralreef.noaa.gov/review.html) 
> <http://www.coralreef.noaa.gov/review.html>.
> The CRCP is seeking input on the following questions. Please note that 
> you do not need to address all questions, and the CRCP welcomes 
> additional input on topics not covered in the questions listed. 
> Because of volume of comments anticipated, the CRCP will not be able 
> to individually respond to those providing comments.
>    * Is the Program focusing efforts on the right suite of activities
>      to advance coral reef conservation?
>    * Are the Program's efforts in various geographic areas appropriate
>      to address the issues in each region?
>    * Are the Program's science and observation efforts (e.g., research,
>      mapping, and monitoring) adequately addressing management needs,
>      and informing and resulting in management actions?
>    * Have the Program's education and outreach efforts been effective
>      in reaching the proper audiences?
>    * Is the Program providing effective leadership and building useful
>      partnerships to advance coral reef conservation?
>    * How can the CRCP improve its impact and performance in the future?
> *Your comments must be submitted no later than July 19, 2007. You may 
> submit comments electronically via email to **crcp.comments at noaa.gov* 
> <mailto:crcp.comments at noaa.gov>*. You may also submit comments in 
> writing to: *
> *Coral Reef Conservation Program
> c/o Roger Griffis
> 1305 East-West Highway
> Sta. 10122, (N/ORM)
> Silver Spring, Maryland 20910.*
> /(Optional)/ When you submit your comments, you are welcome to provide 
> background information about yourself, such as your organization(s), 
> area(s) of expertise, and experience with the CRCP. This information 
> will be used by the independent consultant who will compile and 
> summarize the comments.
> For additional information contact:
> Roger Griffis <mailto:roger.b.griffis at noaa.gov> 
> (roger.b.griffis at noaa.gov)
> Program Coordinator
> Coral Reef Conservation Program
> National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
> (301) 713-3155 x152

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