[Coral-List] Induced mineral accretion

Thomas Goreau goreau at bestweb.net
Mon Jul 16 12:47:37 EDT 2007

Estimado Tomas Lopez Londono,

All enquiries on Biorock Mineral Accretion technology should  be sent  
to me (goreau at bestweb.net) or to Wolf Hilbertz  
(hilbertz at emirates.net.ae, but soon due to change). Please note that  
we are out of reach in the field most of the time, and often can't  
respond promptly.

We are always ready to help those seriously trying to protect or  
restore their corals, even though there is no funding whatsoever to  
do so thanks to the official attitude of governments, funding  
agencies, conservation groups, and the "establishment" research  
community that coral reefs are "resilient" ecosystems that will just  
bounce back all by themselves with no effort on our part.

As a result it is primarily small local groups that we find it worth  
working with, people who remember how their reefs used to be and  
realize that they must start growing more corals themselves NOW, and  
not waste more time hoping for trickle down for more bogus top-down  
"solutions" peddled by those who are getting all the big funding for  
"saving" reefs.

Buena suerte! Estamos listo trabajar conjuntos si hay fundos para  
iniciar proyectos. Tenemos muchos proyectos y competencia en su  
vecino, y mi segundo pais, Panama.

Thomas Joaquin Goreau Arango

Thomas J. Goreau, PhD
Global Coral Reef Alliance
37 Pleasant Street, Cambridge MA 02139
goreau at bestweb.net

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> Hi Coral-Listers,
> My messagge is to ask you about the methodology of induced mineral  
> accretion
> (mineral electrodeposition) to built artificial reefs, hope no  
> bothering
> none of you... Is there any legal objection if I use this technology
> (Biorock inc.) to build some small artificial reef structures in  
> Coast of
> Colombian Caribbean? What do you recommend me???
> Any suggestion you could make would be very helpfull, now that I?m  
> working
> in a feasible proyect to install and study some structures in a  
> coast town,
> hope to benefit in some way the local community (tourism and fishing).
> Thank you so much.
> Tom?s L?pez Londo?o
> Marine Biologyst
> Universidad de Bogot? Jorge Tadeo Lozano
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