[Coral-List] coral histology

SASCHA ROMATZKI sascha_bc at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 17 01:58:38 EDT 2007

Dear listers!
I am a PhD student currently working on the gonad development in A.brueggemanni, A.pulcha, A.yongei and P.verrucosa in Indonesia. I have some problems in identifying some tissue parts in my slides and categorizing gonads into the right development stages. So far I couldn't find any person here who is familiar enough with coral histology  and the interpretation of  the slides to point me in the right direction.
My few paper hard copies related with this topic are unfortunately in poor quality and I don't have any access to an online bib. I was wondering if any one of you is doing a similar work with this species  or has any good quality pdfs with histological coral images willing to share with me. The newest paper with this kind of images that I have is Orejas et al (2002) Distribution and reproductive ecology of the Antarctic octocoral Ainigmaptilon antarcticumin the Weddell Sea.
I really would appreciate any help, thanks a lot,

s.romatzki at gmail.com

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