[Coral-List] sea wasps

megan berkle zennnnwoman at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 17 09:11:23 EDT 2007

   Dear coral-listers:

   I  am  working  in San Salvador Island, Bahamas for the summer.  I was
   night snorkelling on dump reef situated in Graham's harbor (north part
   of  the  island).   I was waiting for the soft corals to spawn until I
   noticed  a  swarm  of  what  appeared to be sea wasps.  I thought this
   might  be  an  isolated  instance.   However, while diving in Rice Bay
   (north part of the island) I realized the entire bottom of the bay was
   covered  with  100's  of  sea  wasps.  They seem to be concentrated in
   shallow  water  (~10  feet)  right above the sandy areas.  Does anyone
   know  if  these  sea wasps are often seen in large numbers in Bahamian
   waters?  Are they as toxic as those found in the Indo-Pacific?

   Megan Berkle

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