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Elizabeth Brill elizabeth.brill at mac.com
Tue Jul 17 12:41:55 EDT 2007

Hiyya, Megan.

Just saw you out on SS.  How are you?

I've seen the jellies you're talking about in the same waters and in  
the same quantities you mention.  It's speculative, but over the 27  
years I've been going to SS I've seen them often enough that seeing  
them this year did not strike me as unusual whatsoever.  I've seen  
them in large quantities in Fernandez Bay, also.

I know I've brushed against them, or vice versa ~~ indeed they're so  
thick some places, you can't avoid them, as you know ~~ but at the  
most have had only a minor sting similar to other sea lice stings  
I've gotten in SS waters.  I'm sure someone out there knows must know  
more about the toxicity/physiology.

Keep swimming,


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On Jul 17, 2007, at 9:11 AM, megan berkle wrote:

>    Dear coral-listers:
>    I  am  working  in San Salvador Island, Bahamas for the summer.   
> I was
>    night snorkelling on dump reef situated in Graham's harbor  
> (north part
>    of  the  island).   I was waiting for the soft corals to spawn  
> until I
>    noticed  a  swarm  of  what  appeared to be sea wasps.  I  
> thought this
>    might  be  an  isolated  instance.   However, while diving in  
> Rice Bay
>    (north part of the island) I realized the entire bottom of the  
> bay was
>    covered  with  100's  of  sea  wasps.  They seem to be  
> concentrated in
>    shallow  water  (~10  feet)  right above the sandy areas.  Does  
> anyone
>    know  if  these  sea wasps are often seen in large numbers in  
> Bahamian
>    waters?  Are they as toxic as those found in the Indo-Pacific?
>    Megan Berkle
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