[Coral-List] Area of soft-bottom sediments within coral reef ecosystems

Cassian Edwards c.edwards at qmul.ac.uk
Wed Jul 18 10:48:16 EDT 2007

Dear Coral-Listers

I am trying to find figures for the area occupied by soft-bottom sediments
contained within coral reef ecosystems. 

For the Great Barrier Reef, from Furnas et al (1995), I have:
"Reef flat and shallow (<5 m) sand areas are taken as 18 and 33 percent of
total reef area based upon analysis of LANDSAT MSS imagery".

If anyone could offer any other similar figures for any reef/system I would
be grateful.

Many thanks,

Cassian Edwards
Furnas, M, A. W. Mitchell and M. Skuza. 1995. Nitrogen and phosphorus
budgets for the central Great Barrier Reef shelf, Great Barrier Reef Park
Authority, 194 pp.


Cassian Edwards
School of Biological and Chemical Sciences
Queen Mary - University of London
Mile End Road
E1 4NS
c.edwards at qmul.ac.uk

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