[Coral-List] Paper on Coral Spawning from a High Latitude Coral Community

shashank Keshavmurthy iamshanky15 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 19 03:10:11 EDT 2007

Dear All
I am writing this on behalf of my friend in
Takuma, Mezaki is a PhD student at Tohoku
University and he research topic is on the Coral
community structure and Spawning behavior in the
High Latitude coral community, Japan. (Roughly
translated from Japanese!!)

We are working together at the same field
Research Station (Biological Institute on
Kuroshio) Situated in the Southern Tip of Shikoku
Island facing Pacific and Kuroshio current.

Recently a paper was published in the Kuroshio
Biosphere (Vol 3, March 2007 - p 33-47 + 5
plates) (Institutes annual journal) titled,"
Spawning patterns of high latitude scleractinian
corals from 2002-2006 at Nishidomari, Otsuki,
Kochi, Japan". Takuma M, Hayashi T, Iwase F,
Nakachi S, Nozawa Y, Miyamoto M and Tominaga M.

Abstract: Field observations of spawning behavior
of scleractinian corals at a high latitude coral
community at Nishidomari, Otsuki, Kochi, Japan
were carried out annually from early to late
summer in 2002-2006.  Spawning of 28 species from
12 genera. 6 families were observed in situ,
occurring from the end of June to the beginning
of September.  The majority of observed species
were hermaphroditic broadcast spawners.  At
Nishidomari, spawning between species was not
synchronous as previously seen in Okinawa and on
the central Great Barrier Reef. However, some
Faviid species were observed to spawn
synchronously in predictable timing patterns,
around the last quarter in the middle July to
middle August.

The paper is in Japanese, but all the figures
have english legend.
It is very interesting to see how the spawning in
the 28 species differs every year.

If anyone is interested in getting the reprint
(as PDF) please contact me...


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