[Coral-List] induced mineral accretion

tom lop tolope at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 13:00:01 EDT 2007

Dear coral-listers,

Thanks to all of you who answer my request some days ago about artificial
reef accretion by electrodeposition technique. I will try to keep in mind
all of your recommendations and suggestions.

After the different opinions about this technology, I think I should clarify
some of the reasons that took me to try this methodology here in Colombia,
if support results of course.

Here in Colombia, founds destined for marine investigation and mechanisms to
conserve and regenerate marine ecosystems, as coral reefs, are sometimes
scarce or difficult to access. Having this in mind and the aim as Marine
Biologist to study, protect and regenerate marine ecosystems, I propose this
project to an electrical energy commerce company hoping that they support at
least part of the project. What I´m trying with this idea is to hopefully
involve a company who works with electrical energy (as the main part of the
electrodeposition technique) to protect and regenerate actually one of the
most damaged marine ecosystems, bringing benefits to local communities.

After all your valuable comments and the estimated costs of the project, I
understand that it´s not a cheap technique and that it could be
unpredictable. Even though, having into count that it could be involved the
local community, coral reefs and an electrical energy commerce company, with
feasible benefits to all of the parts (tourism and fishing for community,
and credits because of environmental restoration and protection for the
company), I would like to make an attempt …

Again, thank you so much and sorry for the multiple mistakes that should be
in the message (I know that there should more than one), I try to do my


Tomás López Londoño

Biólogo Marino

Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano

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