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Reinicke Götz-Bodo Dr.. goetz.reinicke at meeresmuseum.de
Tue Jul 24 04:19:22 EDT 2007

Dear colleagues, friends, mates,


This is not strictly scientific, but rather educational stuff: 


To illustrate the global dimension of the world oceans and seas as an introduction for a new museum project (see www.ozeaneum.de <http://www.ozeaneum.de/> ) we're searching to include as many as possible ocean names in different languages. We would be very grateful if you could please take three minutes, copy the following list of the seas to a word-file - and add the names in your national language or dialect and lettering in Italian, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Suaheli, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish, Visayan, Indonesian, Finnish, Hungarian, etc. etc.:


Atlantic Ocean

Pacific Ocean

Indian Ocean 

Arctic Ocean

Antarctic Ocean

European Mediterranean Sea

Central American Sea (i.e. Gulf of Mexico & Caribbean)

Red Sea


This would help a lot as it's difficult to collect these names if you're not poly-lingual yourself. If anyone is interested in the collection I'll be happy to pass it around.

Thanks very much in advance for your help


With best regards fro the Baltic Sea


Götz B. Reinicke



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