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Ove Hoegh-Guldberg oveh at uq.edu.au
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Dear Gene,

As Jim writes, my intention is to invite the community to debate and but
take the debate off coral list. I intend to conduct debate on a regular
basis around the coral reef science issues as well as around those
directly related to climate change.  Whether you like it or not these
issues are highly topical and airing them in scientific manner is highly
useful (which is the ambition of www.climateshifts.org). As for
potential name calling, I have (as moderator) the ability like Jim to
bin anything personal, unpleasant or wacky.  



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I would agree with Gene! 

As moderator of this list, I try to allow some marginal posts now and 
then, asking myself "does this have anything to do with coral reef 
ecosystems," or does it address the bulleted list of topics at,

    http://coral.aoml.noaa.gov/mailman/listinfo/coral-list ?

Now, obviously climate change is of big concern to many coral 
scientists, but I would hate to see the argument drift into a general 
climate change debate, with no or little direct relevance to, say, coral

calcification issues.  If you look back at Ove's original posting, at


you will see that in fact he listed a URL where you can join the debate,

no doubt with Gene's same considerations in mind.

So, don't be surprised if your comment to Coral-List goes into the 
dumpster if it's not directly related to coral ecosystems!

    Moderatingly yours,

Gene Shinn wrote:
> I am a little concerned about using the coral list as a forum for a 
> blog. It will pit reef scientists, both biological and geological, 
> against each other. The subject has so many political and economic 
> ramifications that I doubt it should be on a web site such as this. 
> There are so many GCC pro Anthropogenic and anti Anthropogenic folks 
> that I doubt this will be a beneficial effort. It may degenerate into 
> name calling. Gene
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