[Coral-List] ocean surface current data, Panama

Tue Jun 5 11:44:49 EDT 2007

I am wondering if anyone has suggestions on sources of relatively
high-resolution ocean surface current data.  I have some students who,
as part of a class, are examining reef community composition at a number
of sites off the Caribbean coast of Panama, in Kuna Yala.  They are
particularly interested in a roughly 20 km x 20 km area centered at
about 79 degrees 10' W, 9 degrees 30' N, about 20 km off the coast.
Basically, they are interested in classifying sites as "upstream" or
"downstream" from population centers in the area.  In case it's helpful
in understanding this, here's a link to an image of the sample area: 


I have looked at the OSCAR data, but it seems not to be high enough
resolution, or with enough near-shore coverage to be useful.  Someone
has also suggested that I could use CODAR data, but that is beyond our
means to do for ourselves given constraints of a very limited budget and
primitive field conditions. Current is not my area at all, so I'm pretty
ignorant about what may or may not be available.  Any suggestions would
be sincerely appreciated. 


Jamie Engman

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