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Tue Jun 12 12:31:03 EDT 2007

Hello -
We would like to advertize the 8th workshop of the Group for Aquatic 
Primary Productivity (GAP) that will be held from 30 March through 8 
April, 2008 on the shores of the Red Sea at Eilat (Israel).  Please 
visit our website www.gap-aquatic.org 
to get more information.

Welcome to GAP VIII!

Accurate determination of the levels of Gross Primary Production, 
Respiration and other loss processes in aquatic environments are 
fundamental for understanding the functioning of these ecosystems. The 
need for progress in this field has become increasingly evident with the 
realization of the complex impact of global warming on these 
ecosystems.  We are delighted to host the upcoming GAP meeting on the 
serene shores of the Red Sea at Eilat.

The seminar will be hosted by the Inter University Institute 
for Marine Sciences at Eilat (IUI). The proximity of IUI to both a reef 
and oligotrophic open-ocean environment provides a convenient study site 
for ongoing experiments and simulations.  IUI has educational facilities 
including lecture rooms, teaching laboratories, and boarding facilities 
which make this an exceptional site for a productive seminar in a 
relaxed, beautiful setting.  During the meeting several field trips will 
be organized for a taste of the area's treasures. 

We hope you can join us for some great experiments and a productive seminar.

Ilana Berman-Frank & Zvy Dubinsky -Joint Chairpersons; Local GAP 
Organizing Committee

John Beardall & Vivian Montecino-Joint Chairpersons; GAP International 
Organizing Committee

Ilana Berman-Frank
Mina & Everard Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences
Bar Ilan University
Ramat Gan, 52900, Israel
phone; 972-3-5318214
fax: 972-4-6914842

Dr. Noga Stambler, Ph.D. 
New mobile 972-52-6420431
Phone  972-3-5351217
Fax    972- 3-5351217 
Email stambln at mail.biu.ac.il

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