[Coral-List] Re : Reef Images Needed

Charles Delbeek delbeek at waquarium.org
Sun Jun 17 18:45:56 EDT 2007

Stuart Green wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> For local photos and videos with A Malaysian flavour .. why don’t you check
> out the Reef Check Malaysia Team - email:  Malaysia at reefcheck.org  Julian,
> Yeen and Saras, Bart, Offendi have a lot of stock footage and photos of
> Malaysian reefs and are always keen to hook up with local dive operators; 
> Otherwise for some amazing videos and pics try the Scubazoo team based in
> Kota Kinabalu -just email either of the Simon's  simon at scubazoo.com.. Or
> simple at scubazoo.com
> Cheers
> Stuart
> Stuart Green
> Program Manager
> Reef Check Asia
> 6th Floor, Salustiana D. Ty Tower
> Paseo De Roxas
> Makati
> Philippines
> Stuartg at reefcheck.org
> www.reefcheck.org
I would also suggest www.wetpixel.com, there are 100's of digital 
photographers on this forum and you should post your request there as well.


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