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Tue Jun 19 03:25:49 EDT 2007

Dear Listers,

Following Cyclone Gonu the Environment Society of Oman is trying to coordinate a rapid assessment of the nations coral reefs to gauge the overall impact of the cyclone. A large area of coastline from Sharqiyah to the northern Batinah region were subject to heavy rains and high winds exceeding 60 knots. Although the cyclone had diminished from its original Category 4 designation whilst out in the Indian Ocean, to a Tropical Storm by the time in reached the wider Muscat area, sea conditions were severe with extremely high seas.

Intial surveys and observations from Dive Operators in the area suggest moderate to severe reef damage along the length of the coastline and islands associated with the cyclone's path.

We now aim to build on these intial observations and rapid assessments to coordinate wider data collection from SCUBA divers and other interested parties to establish the extent of the impacts and work towards monitoring recovery.

If anyone has useful references or participatory or other data collection forms which they have used on similar (cyclone/tsunami etc) studies I would be interestyed in hearing from you.

We are aiming to circulate a rapid assessment sheet to those in the region who are interested in participating. If you are then please reply to me (not the whole list).

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


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