[Coral-List] Research Ecotoxicologist position at the US Geological Survey, Florida

Ilsa B Kuffner ikuffner at usgs.gov
Fri Jun 22 10:53:05 EDT 2007

Permanent Position with the U.S. Geological Survey
Research Ecotoxicologist GS-12, Full Performance Level GS-15

The scientist in this position will lead the ecotoxicology research 
program of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Florida Integrated Science 
Center, Gainesville, FL.  The Florida Integrated Science Center focuses on 
science in support of ecosystem management, conservation of water 
resources, and natural hazards. Specialized capabilities are hydrology, 
surface and groundwater modeling, coastal and marine geology and ecology, 
geography, ecological restoration, aquatic and marine ecology, 
non-indigenous aquatic species, and ecology in semitropical and wetland 

The mission of the Gainesville Office is to conduct research on natural 
resource issues of importance to the Department of the Interior, with 
emphasis on nongame and endangered/threatened species, southeastern 
aquatic and terrestrial communities, and on changes caused by human 
activities that may relate to the conservation of these species and 
communities. The Gainesville Office focuses attention on the life history, 
systematics, biogeography, abundance, status and trends, ecology, and 
behavior of nongame and potentially declining species. 

The scientist in this position has the responsibility to conduct original 
research and provide authoritative information to the Department and other 
agencies on the probable effects of contaminants on the Nation?s 
biological resources.  Research is collaborative in approach and focuses 
on the ecological effects of pesticides, heavy metals (particularly 
mercury), endocrine mimics, pharmaceuticals, chemical mixtures, and other 
environmental stressors.  Integration of biological, hydrological, and 
geological processes is emphasized, and implications for human health 
issues are considered. 

The position will be open for application in late June to mid-July 2007 

www.usgs.gov/ohr/oars/index.html  and  www.usajobs.com

The Job Announcement Numbers are:
Research Wildlife Biologist (Ecotoxicology) GS-486-12 ? ER-S-2007-0142
Research Fish Biologist (Ecotoxicology) GS-482-12 ? ER-S-2007-0144
Research Zoologist (Ecotoxicology) GS-410-12 ? ER-S-2007-0146
Research Ecologist (Ecotoxicology) GS-408-12 ? ER-S-2007-0148

Ilsa B. Kuffner, Ph.D.
Research Ecologist, FISC
Coastal and Watershed Science Team

US Geological Survey
Florida Integrated Science Center
600 4th Street South
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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