[Coral-List] sea cucumber disease

John Cubit John.Cubit at noaa.gov
Thu Mar 1 15:34:50 EST 2007

Megan --- We have seen epidemics of diseases with similar symptoms cause 
mass mortality of other echinoderms (sea urchins and starfish) elsewhere 
in the world.  When my colleagues and I tracked the great die-off of 
Diadema antillarum through the Caribbean and into the Western Atlantic, 
reports like yours were  helpful in documenting the pattern of spread, 
which better fit a model of spreading contagious disease rather than 
models based on chemical contaminants or other physical causes, per se. 

If no one is working on this already, recording the timing and spatial 
(including geographic) pattern of mortality for the sea cucumbers could 
be a valuable learning experience for your students as well as providing 
valuable data for persons investigating this disease or the population 
biology of the sea cucumbers.  --- John

megan berkle wrote:
>   Dear coral-listers:
>   The   sea  cucumbers off  the  island  of  Rota,  N.  Marianas  island
>   chain appear  to  have  a  disease.   It  appears that there is tissue
>   necrosis leaving white spots all over their bodies.  Does anyone study
>   sea cucumber disease?
>   Megan Berkle
>   Marine Science teacher, N. Marianas Islands
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