[Coral-List] Strange phone - We do need some humor!!

Tom Williams ctwiliams at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 2 15:04:17 EST 2007

Diagonsis - Tell her that the corals may not be the
problem.. remind her that if she has cold sores or
shingles etc. that she may have had a little fungus or
a virus innoculation as part of the scratches. 

Recommendation - Treat any eruptions with anti-fungal
and various anti-viral (cold sore medicines)and next
time don't walk on the corals.

I have a fungus from 1959 (along with my old cadillac)
and it comes back every once in a while.

Dr. Tom

--- Ed Blume <edblume at mailbag.com> wrote:

> What can I tell the lady who called me to tell me
> that she was in Akumal, Mexico, ten years ago? 
> While walking along a hard coral beach from a resort
> to Akumal Bay, she got lots of scratches on her feet
> from the dry coral that formed the beach.  
> Those scratches are now coming back.  
> Local people at the time told her that coral can
> continue to"grow" under your skin.  Her scratches
> healed, and she thought nothing of it but now she is
> concerned. She has tried to find information and has
> had no luck. 
> What can I say that's polite and helpful?  The coral
> isn't growing.  Maybe chips of the coral are working
> their way out of the tissue and up to the skin. 
> Even that seems a little far-fetched after 10 years,
> doesn't it?
> Ed Blume
> Madison, WI
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