[Coral-List] Sponge aggression against corals

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Nice work Joe and group.  Those interested in this line of research may also be interested in an older paper:
Porter, James and Nancy Targett 1988:  Allelochemical Interactions Between Sponges and Corals  Biol. Bull. 175: 230 - 239. (October, 1988)
It's available on for download on Scholar.Google.com
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Greetings Coral-listers,

For those of you who may be interested in competitive interactions
between sponges and corals, and the use of a diving PAM fluorometer, we
have a new publication:

Pawlik, J.R., Steindler, L., Henkel, T.P., Beer, S., and Ilan, M.  2007.
Chemical warfare on coral reefs: Sponge metabolites differentially
affect coral symbiosis in situ. Limnology and Oceanography  52: 907-911.
PDF <http://people.uncw.edu/pawlikj/2007LimnolPawliketal.pdf>

Here are some companion papers from our lab:

Engel, S. and Pawlik, J.R.  2005.  Interactions among  Florida sponges.
I. Reef habitats.  Marine Ecology Progress Series, 303: 133-144.  PDF

Engel, S. and Pawlik, J.R. 2000. Allelopathic activities of sponge
extracts.  Marine Ecology Progress Series, 207: 273-281. PDF




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