[Coral-List] Bioscience: The inequity of the global threat to coral reefs

Simon Donner sddonner at Princeton.EDU
Wed Mar 7 10:28:26 EST 2007

I wanted to alert readers of the Coral-List to a short commentary in the
March issue of the journal Bioscience, by colleague David Potere and I,
about the potential inequities of the threat posed by climate change to the
world's coral reefs. It is based on GIS analysis of population data, coral
reef maps, greenhouse gas emissions data and economic data, and my
experience doing research on climate change and coral bleaching.

Here's the link: http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/aibs/bio/latest. No
subscription should be necessary to download the pdf. I'll be posting some
auxiliary data on my blog in a few days. 

Simon Donner

Simon Donner
Woodrow Wilson School
Princeton University

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