[Coral-List] creation of ASIRA

Sara Allyn Mavinkurve sihaya at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 17:13:17 EST 2007

Dear coral and reef researchers and aquarists,

As we all know, there are high mortality rates among corals collected
and sold for the aquarium industry.  There is strong reason to believe
that this unfortunate fact is due largely to the ignorance and/or
mis-education of new reef aquarists and coral vendors (either as to
general good coral husbandry or the specific needs of the particular
corals they purchased).  Probably the best way to get information and
instruction to new aquarists is through local aquarium stores. With
this in mind, and with the help of a few generous experts in coral
husbandry, I have started a project and website aimed at providing
store owners and employees with free, easily accessible information
which they can give freely to their customers. (The project/website is
titled ASIRA, "All Source Information for Reef Aquarists,"

The first goal of the project is to create and provide free, printable
individualized care sheets for all the major types of coral commonly
sold for aquariums.  The first version of these care sheets can be
viewed and downloaded here: www.asira.org/caresheets

Though I know and understand that many see the reef aquarium hobby as
wasteful, I believe that this is mostly due to consumer ignorance.
The more corals that are lost to lack of proper care, the more corals
will be consumed by the industry.  Only good can come of educating
people entering the hobby (and the earlier the better).

Once the site is ready, I have the means to send notice to 1300+
aquariums stores in the country that sell coral.  If anyone would like
to help with this project in any capacity, please contact me at
sara at asira.org.

Thank you,
Sara Mavinkurve
ASIRA, editor


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