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Ellen Husain Ellen.Husain at bbc.co.uk
Fri Mar 9 12:18:36 EST 2007

Hi All, 

The BBC is making a natural history documentary involving the Pacific
region, and I  would be really interested to hear about underwater
wildlife stories or interesting behaviour from people working in the

WEIRD, SURPRISING, OR BEAUTIFUL -  Have you come across anything that
has really surprised or fascinated you, that you think might be filmable
and be an interesting piece of behaviour us to include? This could be
something like a surprising predation or mating strategy, camouflage or
mimicry, or a fascinating endemic species. Often familiar species
behaving in unfamiliar ways are also interesting. 

Crown of thorn starfish outbreaks - Do you know of any ongoing or recent
Mass migrations & spawning events -  E.g. crab migrations, large fish
spawning aggregations, etc 
Mola mola or "sunfish" - has anyone observed breaching behaviour and
know of a place where this reliably occurs? 
Leatherback turtles - places where they are reliably seen (excluding
nesting beaches), any interesting behaviour
Surfing animals (!) - locations where animals, such as dolphins or sea
lions, catch/play in the waves 
Shark behaviour - interesting / unusual / surprising shark behaviour 
Swarms, wildlife phenomena, and annual events - E.g. places where
jellyfish blooms occur (excl Palau lakes), other swarms of marine worms,
and the animals that feed on them, etc. 
Coconut crabs - do you know of an island where you can still find large
crabs, and big populations? 
Terrestrial stories - we are also interested in terrestrial wildlife
stories concerning island life & interesting or unique species, and
specialist adaptations. 

We are really only interested in things relating to the Pacific islands,
Palau, Papua, New Zealand, and Hawaii - but if in doubt feel free to
just drop us a quick mail anyway.  

...If you are reading this list and something springs to mind then
please do take the time to get in touch with a quick email. 
It would help if you could give a little consideration to the
practicalities of whether your suggestion is filmable, in terms of
whether it can be conveyed visually, and (importantly) how reliably it
can be seen. 

Thank you very much for your time, and look forward to hearing of any
news. Please also note that this is not a contributor-lead programme, so
although we would really appreciate any information you might be able to
pass on, there will be no opportunities to appear in the programme. 

Very many thanks. 


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