[Coral-List] Reef Rights Topic

Tom Bowling tom at ultraclam.com
Mon Mar 12 16:30:07 EDT 2007

Hi All,

As a new member, and a representative of the private sector, Id like to
clarify whether or not I should be contributing to this list after reading
the latest query on 'Reef Rights".

I run the Marshall islands Mariculture Farm, where we farm Giant Clams and
Corals for the Aquarium trade. Obviously, we need brood stock, which
involves collecting some clams and corals. We then use what we collect to
create several thousand of the same...

All our collection sites are monitored and we often go back to the same
colony to collect frags. With clams, we are actually running campaigns to
save wild stock, in our own interest and for the sake of the dwindling reef
here. At the moment we are investing significantly to stop a large
aggregation of T.gigas (Giant Clam) Adults from being eaten by the locals.
We are also involved in attempting to have moorings put in over popular dive
and fishing sites.

I just wanted to point out that in the interest of overall protection of the
reef, some reef must be effected. Scientists need to in order to continue
work, and by doing our job, we stop the wild harvest of reef for Aquariums
and Tourism. Luckily the majority of the Aquarium trade is now educated and
actually prefer to pay more for animals that are cultured sustainably.

On that note Id like to let everyone know that we are regularly in the water
here and are one of the few people here that actually keep an eye on the
reefs conditions (CMI is another). If anyone is interested in more
information about the Marshall Islands regarding reef condition and species
feel free to contact us.

Tom Bowling

tom at ultraclam.com

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