[Coral-List] UNEP-WCMC global coral distribution shapefile

Shapiro, Aurelie Aurelie.Shapiro at WWFUS.ORG
Tue Mar 13 12:03:58 EDT 2007


Could anyone help me find the UNEP-WCMC global coral distribution
shapefile? I'm looking for the GIS shapefile in either polygon or line
format (no points) that shows general reef locations throughout the
world. This is the dataset you see on reefbase online GIS, but it is not
included in any of their downloads. This is for display/map purposes and
no analyses. The metadata, which I found on the conservation geoportal
is below.

any help would be greatly appreciated, 



Content Title: 
Global distribution of coral reefs (polygon) 
Content Type: 
Offline data 
Publication Date: 
Content Description
Content Summary: 
The coral reef dataset has been compiled by UNEP-WCMC to show the global
distribution of coral reefs. This dataset has been created from multiple
sources and was used in the creation of the "World Atlas of Coral Reefs"
(2001). For a complete overview of global coral reef distribution this
dataset should be displayed together with the associated line dataset. 
Content Purpose: 
The purpose of this dataset is to assist environmental researchers in
understanding the global distribution and status of, coral reefs. The
dataset has been developed alongside the publication "World Atlas of
Coral Reefs, Spalding, M., Ravilious, C. and Green, R. 2001". 
Time Period of Content
Beginning Date: 
Content Status
Update Frequency: 
None planned 
Spatial Domain
West Coordinate: 
East Coordinate: 
North Coordinate: 
South Coordinate: 
Coverage Area: 
global, world 
Content Keywords
Theme Keywords: 
coral reefs, coral, reefs, UNEP-WCMC 
Place Keywords: 
global, world 
Spatial Data Information
Data Type: 
Data Scale: 


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