[Coral-List] 2007 Edwin W. Pauley Summer Program in Marine Biology at HIMB

Ruth Gates rgates at hawaii.edu
Wed Mar 14 03:03:40 EDT 2007

Each year at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, a summer course  
in a specialized area of marine research is made possible through the  
generous support of the Edwin W. Pauley Foundation.  The 2007 course  
will focus on developing a better understanding of the stress  
responses in reef corals and will be co-funded by the World Bank  
funded Coral Reef Targeted Research and Capacity Building Project. In  
conducting the course we hope to improve our basic understanding of  
coral biology by providing cross-disciplinary instruction to  
outstanding students through research, seminars and informal  
discussion with internationally recognized coral biologists.   
Specifically, we will examine the impacts of temperature disturbances  
and land-based pollutants on corals both in the field and through a  
series of controlled laboratory manipulations. Coral biology will be  
explored using a suite of measure that cross scales and include  
species abundance, morphology and colony size (field survey  
techniques), colony physiology (pulse amplitude modulated fluorometry  
and respirometry), endosymbiont diversity, (molecular genetics),  
metabolite exchange (high pressure liquid chromatography and mass  
spectrometry) and activities of functional genes in both the coral  
hosts and their endosymbionts (comparative transcriptomics using  
microarrays and quantitative PCR).

DATES: June 2 to July 15, 2007

PARTICIPATING FACULTY: Dr. John Bythell, Dr. Sophie Dove, Professor  
William Fitt, Dr. Laetitia Hedouin, Dr. Ruth Gates, Professor Ove  
Hoegh-Guldberg, Dr. Stephen Karl, Dr Bill Leggat, Dr. Michael Lesser,  
Dr. Teresa Lewis, Dr. David Obura, Dr. Xavier Pochon, Dr. Roberto  
Iglesias-Prieto, Dr. Michael Stat, Dr. Misaki Takabayashi, Dr. Robert  
Toonen, Dr. Hank Trapido-Rosenthal, Dr. Florence Thomas, Dr. Rebecca  
Vega Thurber, Dr. Virginia Weis.

FACILITIES: HIMB is located on Moku o L‛oe (Coconut Island) in  
Kaneohe Bay, Oahu and is a fully equipped marine laboratory located  
20 minutes from an international airport, 30 minutes from the main  
University of Hawaii campus and 100 feet from a living coral reef.  
For details see http://www.hawaii.edu/HIMB/.

HOUSING AND FEES: The summer program will cover return airfare and  
accommodation costs.  Medical insurance coverage is required and can  
be obtained locally at UH for those not covered by their own policies.

TO APPLY: Please send or email 1) your CV, 2) a statement outlining  
how the program will influence your career development and 3) the  
contact details for two professional references to Dr. Ruth D. Gates,  
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, P.O. Box 1346, Kaneohe, HI 96744:  
email: rgates at hawaii.edu. Closing date for applications is April 1,  

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