[Coral-List] Reef Check Declaration of Reef Rights

Christian Wild c.wild at lrz.uni-muenchen.de
Thu Mar 15 05:50:32 EDT 2007

Dear coral list readers,


During the last days I received the “Reef Check Declaration of Reef Rights”
from various sources mostly joined by a more or less imperative command to
sign. I am wondering if it is really that easy. Did everyone who signed the
declaration thoroughly think about the contents?

If yes, that would among several other consequences in particular mean:


a)      that these people now set their cars aside, especially if they are
living in a city with public transport

b)      that these people now choose to travel short- and medium distances
via train or bus instead of using airplane, even if the latter is much

c)      that these people now almost stop to eat marine fish and seafood,
because it is very hard to find well-managed stocks caught in a sustainable


Please don’t misunderstand me; it is not my intention to blame this good
initiative, but I think we all should question ourselves before pledging and
signing such statements, otherwise it is rather two-faced.






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