[Coral-List] Info Needed: Impacts to corals outside of protected and managed areas for the US

Dr. Stephen Jameson sjameson at coralseas.com
Thu Mar 15 05:56:57 EDT 2007

Dear Steven,

Thanks for the coral-list note regarding:
> I am looking for information about anthropogenic impacts to corals outside
> of protected and managed areas in the U.S.

For examples of the impacts to Florida west coast corals and to Florida
corals north of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary from the:

- 2002 "Blackwater Event"; and

- land based sources of pollution coming from the Mississippi River
watershed, the west and east coast watersheds of Florida,  and
atmospheric-based airshed stressors coming from African dust and global
climate change factors see -

 Jameson SC, Tupper MH, Ridley JM (2002) The three screen doors: can marine
³protected² areas be effective? Marine Pollution Bulletin 44(11):1177-1183

at <www.coralseas.com/press.html>.

PS.  To conserve our coral reef resources "in and outside" of managed areas
we need to fight for stopping the root causes of stress using a wide variety
of mechanisms.    See the recent (3 Nov 2006) Science Magazine Policy Forum
on "How Protected are Coral Reefs" for more details:

Jameson SC (2006) How protected are coral reefs? Science 314:757-760.

Please keep this "root cause" thought in mind when fighting for changes to
existing legislation and new legislation.

>We are dealing with a cancer patient and band-aids are not the cure.

Time is running out!  See the latest (29 March, 2007) Science Magazine
Climate Change Policy Forum:

Broecker WS (2007) CO2 Arithmetic.  Science 315:1371.

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> Dear Coral-List,
> As you may know, the Coral Reef Conservation Act is up for reauthorization.
> Rep. Faleomavaega (American Samoa) introduced language to reauthorize this
> Act just last month (2/27).  I believe we are presented with an opportunity
> to give meaningful conservation "teeth" to this legislation.
> I am looking for information about anthropogenic impacts to corals outside
> of protected and managed areas in the U.S. - Direct impacts such as vessel
> groundings, treasure prospecting (with dynamite), destructive fishing
> practices, eutrophication due to pollution and nutrients, etc.  Recent
> newspaper articles would be much appreciated.
> Steven Lutz
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