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One of the objectives of environmental campaigns (such IYOR is to involve more people to get positive changes in attitudes and behaviours following the premise of thinking globally and act locally. More multidisciplinary research is needed as confirmed by the scarce participation in the Coral List of coral reef scientists with social academic background. The relevance of social sciences to improve coral reef management was stated in a Session on this topic athe 9ICRS co-organized by Leah Bunce and me, where I presented the preliminary results of the first assessment of management effectiveness by applying multicriteria analysis. In response to the request of Hector Reyes for more illustration of how can coral biologist benefit rom social methodologies, here is an example: before experiment design or sampling site selection it is more effcient (Less disturbance to coral reefs) to know geographical positions of sites where there are significant differences in frequency and intensity of human uses, in order to facilitate the results interpretation to provide useful knowledge for better management.

Nohora Galvis (Marine Biologist with academic background in ecological sciences from RSMAS, University of Miami, in Social sciences from ITC Holland, enviornmental economics and Policy Analysis Harvard University)

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Gregor and all-
  With regard to the broad generalization that THE problem is that the public is not aware of existence or other values associated with coral reefs, I advise caution.  Can this statement be backed up?  Show me the science.
  And, which public(s) are we speaking of?  Tropical coastal residents?  Midwestern North Americans?  (etc.)  Or, is the whole dang world just a bunch of ignoramuses?
  I also wouldn't advise putting all of our eggs in the education basket.  It is of course important, but I'd be happy to send along references regarding the relationship between what people know and what behaviors they engage in.
  Always good to have a think about these things before we make such grand declarations.
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