[Coral-List] Call for papers on Ocean Acidification in the Journal 'Coral Reefs'

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Special Section on "Ocean Acidification and Coral Reefs" in the Journal
'Coral Reefs'


Rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide from fossil fuel combustion and
deforestation is presently altering the carbonate chemistry of the oceans,
reducing carbonate saturation level and pH, with potentially profound
effects on coral reefs. 


The journal 'Coral Reefs' intends to publish a section devoted to the topic
of "Ocean Acidification and Coral Reefs" in the second issue in June 2008.
It will be co-ordinated by the Environment Editor, Dr Katharina Fabricius
and the Guest Editors Profs Denis Allemand, Jonathan Erez, Victoria Fabry,
Robert Feely and Chris Langdon.


The scope of this section will cover any type of physiological, ecological,
geochemical or geological research related to altered ocean carbonate
chemistry. Relevant studies could include, for example, any aspect of the
performance of calcifying or non-calcifying organisms (e.g., corals,
mollusks, echinoderms, foraminifera, algae or seagrasses) in response to
changing CO2 and/or carbonate saturation, or abiotic processes relevant in
coral reefs such as reef accretion and erosion. Also of interest are studies
on interactive effects between acidification and other environmental
variables such as temperature, light or storms, studies on high-latitude or
deepwater reefs growing in marginal environments, or other reefs growing in
waters with naturally low carbonate saturation levels. Of particular
interest are studies that address the broader relationships between
carbonate chemistry and ecosystem performance in past and present coral
reefs, or model projections on the future conditions of coral reefs. 


Submissions of manuscripts are being accepted from now, early submissions
are encouraged. The closing date for all submissions will be October 31st
2007, to allow sufficient time for peer review. Accepted manuscripts will go
to the publisher no later than March 1st 2008.


Contributors are encouraged to consult the Instructions to Authors, and File
Format Instructions which are available from the journal submission site at
Manuscript Central ( <https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/coral>
https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/coral) prior to commencing their
manuscripts. An MSWord template, journal abbreviations list, and Endnote
output style are also available.



For further questions, please write to myself or contact any of the Guest


Katharina Fabricius

Environment Editor, Coral Reefs


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